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Freedom to socialize in a gun-friendly environment!


Big tech hates you, your firearms, and your lifestyle. They continually throttle your content and ability to see the content you love. Every day your friends, favorite influencers, gun shops, or manufacturers get canceled and banned. They will not stop till you no longer have a voice.


There's a better alternative! GunSpace has taken the best components of top social sites and fused them together for a unique experience. We want to help you socialize and engage with other firearms enthusiasts, dealers, and manufacturers without random unwanted posts or unrelated advertising.   


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FINALLY, the first social media app specifically designed for shooting sports community.

Follow friends, manufacturers or specific shootings sports nationally or locally.

Listen to your favorite firearms podcasts.

Engage in the firearms forum for extra knowledge. 

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WHAT IS GUNSPACE? The Five components are: 

A scrollable picture and short video social media with the following features.

  • Feed, filterable by state or county.

  • Event management, creating and managing events for both private and commercial use.

  • Clubs, create or join private, public, or commercial clubs by shops or manufacturers.

  • Vault, fill your vault with your favorite firearms or shooting gear. The GunSpace vault is for private collections, gun shops, or manufacturers.

  • Follow firearm brands or top content creators.

  • Podcast network that allows you to listen to your favorite gun podcast while using the app.

  • Gun.Community for more engaging interaction.

Gun.Community, an interactive community facilitating deeper interaction.

  • Forum for technical or deeper conversations.

  • Chat rooms for creating groups or hosting meetings.

  • Photo Gallery for content exposure.

  • News Page to post or read the latest firearm news.

  • Groups create private and public groups.

  • Manage Events. build and create events for other members.

  • Blogs Page, read, or upload.

  • Upload or Watch videos from Youtube, Vimeo, or your own.

  • Create Social Channels from Vimeo and YouTube.

GunSpace Podcast Network.

  • Listen to your favorite firearm podcast while you scroll on the GunSpace App feed.

  • Listen to podcasts while using

  • Post your podcast to the GunCast community

GunSpace NFT Builder

  • Create and Sell NFTs on our NFT creator and sell your content on GunSpace or other platforms.

  • Gated Video

  • Gated Audio

  • Gated Link

  • Event Tickets

  • Crowdfund NFT

  • Gated eBook/PDF Video Player

  • Watch firearms videos

  • Become a video contributor

  • Upload your favorite YouTube videos

  • Create your channel

  • Never worry about losing your gun content videos

No Racism, hate speech, or blaming the world's problems on an ethnic or religious group! Many Americans from different backgrounds enjoy shooting sports and love our Constitution and the freedoms it enshrines. GunSpace is a "safe space" to come together as Americans and discuss firearms and shooting sports without being censored for firearm-related content.

Shooting Practice



Upload your firearms to your virtual vault

Network with other firearms  enthusiasts or stay anonymous

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Show off your favorite modifications on your firearms.

Receive notifications when you receive new messages and followers

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Share videos and pictures on the FEED

See what events the people you are following are attending

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Network by liking and commenting on posts

Check out new firearms your friends have added to their vault

Handgun and  Ammunition


Search the thousands of events in our community to find the ones that interest you

Fully customization event creation allows you to run payments directly through the app

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Want to grow your club and events? Market your own club or shooting event by creating your Club Page for free, and post all of your events on the app.

Chat and share pictures with fellow club members on the CLUBFEED

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Earn badges when you upload firearms to your vault. See events based on which classes you belong to.
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