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What is the best social media platform for gun owners?

The firearms industry is booming, with many social media pages for gun enthusiasts. But how many are these pages are censored, shadowbanned, or deleted? If you are a manufacturer, gun shop, brand ambassador, or influencer, how hard is it for new firearm owners to find your page and interact with your content? Are you missing out on potential customers because your social media page is taking a hit? All that work to reach your audience and poof, it's gone or diminished in value.

Our research has led us to believe that social media censorship around firearms is more prevalent than any other group on social media. YouTube pages like Demolition Ranch that used to get 8-10 million views are down to a couple hundred thousand. Successful Instagram pages like GarandThumb have been censored, shadowbanned, and then DELETED by IG! It is not due to diminishing content quality. Social warriors intentionally eliminate your first and second amendment rights and promote company policy against firearms and hunting.

After years of hard work building a page or brand, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and many other social media destroy content creators' efforts. The big media and social warriors eliminate videos, posts, pictures, and sponsors' promotions at their whim. They want to rid themselves of these American values regarding firearms and firearm content.

The right to train, defend oneself, and protect one's country are American values are targeted. The anti-hunting crowd harasses hunters. The gun grabbers and the Left want to take them away. The Second Amendment on social media has been under attack for years now. Social media is the great equalizer the right to gather and speak your mind is fundamental.

Conventional social media intends to silence gun owners and wipe them off their platforms; it doesn't fit the global asperations. While these social media giants want to take away our right to bear arms and free speech, they also allow their platform to be used by radical Islamists to recruit and spread hate. Social media companies have not been entirely transparent about their double standards.

Some alternatives for social media and guns have distinct advantages for firearms enthusiasts and content creators. GunSpace pays top content producers each month in a revenue share of the advertising revenue. While YouTube does this, it takes a tremendous amount of views to get $3-500 one million views, to be exact. YouTube also does not allow firearm-related ads.

I know what you're thinking. There are so many social media sites already. But this one is going to be different. It will be interactive, have a community, and be a place for firearms enthusiasts to come together and share their ideas and thoughts. It's time for firearms to have their place to call home, and this is it. We're looking for contributors, moderators, and bloggers.

We are creating a series of firearm enthusiasts apps. We currently have GunSpace, which we give $500 for most likes, $250 for most comments, and $250 for the most liked digital gun vault! We will have other cash incentives as the platform revenue increases. Plans include creator coins for advertisers to buy instead of running around trying to get paid. We also added a video hosting platform for creators that is brand new but will have the same rev sharing and paywall strategies. The video platform allows a paywall for live content or pre-recorded content and individual channels.

If you're interested, shoot us an e-mail at, and we can get you set up on the platform.

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